To create the highest impact for our clients, we help to secure integration of the key sustainability drivers in business strategy. In order to achieve that, we help our clients to:

  • understand the rapidly changing competitive landscape;
  • create vision and a fact based and ambitious strategies for sustainable value creation;
  • make impact through in market delivery of sustainable value propositions and innovative business models.

Understanding the landscape

To come to a solid, fact based strategy, we first identify, assess and validate sustainability related trends and business drivers that shape the key markets and competitive environment of our clients organisation.

Next we determine the strategic relevance and, if appropriate, establish a sense of urgency to secure time to market. During the whole process we facilitate decision making on amount and level of management attention.

Skills and capabilities: foresight and trend analysis, access to key networks, analytical skills.

Create a vision and strategy

Creating a powerful strategy starts with a powerful team. To secure the process, we create a powerful guiding coalition, frequently coined as the ‘sustainability leadership team’.
Through vision interviews and discussions with key internal and external stakeholders (including strategic customers), we work towards defining the client’s vision. In an opportunity confirmation process with the senior management, we define the key strategic drivers.

The results of this process of co-creation are:
  • A clear and tailored definition of sustainability that is consistent with and builds on the client’s core values, mission and business strategy.
  • Strategic intent: where are we now and where do we want to go.
  • Core strategies: strategic directions to realise the intent.
  • Road map and recommendations for deployment of the strategy.

Skills and capabilities: business strategy, competitive benchmarking, market research, listening, management of change, understanding of sustainability driven innovation in marketing, operations and sourcing.

Impact: plan for and create first wins

To create optimal leverage of the client’s strategy, the first strike in the market is key. Therefore we conduct an assessment of the market with customer analysis at segment level and the identification of unique strengths/distinctive capabilities. Based on the outcomes, we co-create a sustainable value proposition and prepare for in market delivery.

Skills and capabilities: marketing, concept development, NPV calculations, marketing communication.

In the course of the last years, we have developed specific propositions for multinational companies and development finance institutions:
  • Sustainable value propositions that win in the market
  • Strategy and business development for the base of the pyramid
  • Strategy & policy development and training for development finance