The financial sector has the potential to be a “driver of change”, specifically in those markets where sustainability is of crucial importance: emerging markets. Especially development banks operating in emerging markets have put sustainability at the top of their agenda and expect their clients to comply with high environmental and social standards. This is where we offer interesting added value to both development banks and their clients because of our pragmatic approach, our experience in emerging markets and our profound knowledge of banking. For this reason we consider this industry to be an important business area for Triple Value Strategy Consulting.

Services and track record
For over ten years, Triple Value has worked for a large number of financial institutions in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. We assist development banks and their financial sector clients with developing and implementing high quality and pragmatic sustainability solutions. We always make sure that these come to meet the demands of the specific client. Our work focuses on managing risks and opportunities deriving from environmental and social issues, or in other words: Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)-related issues. Triple Value assists financial institutions with environmental and social management through tailor-made training programs, but also through the actual design and implementation of Environmental & Social Management Systems. We have done this type of assignments for universal banks, private equity funds, micro finance institutions, lease companies and trade finance banks.
Amongst others, we work for national development banks such as FMO (the Netherlands), DEG (Germany), AFD (France), but also for multilateral development banks as the African Development Bank (AfDB), Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

Triple Value’s Emerging markets finance team consists of Erik van Dam (Founding Partner of Triple Value), Avik Roy (Associate of Triple Value and MD of Re-emerging World, Business Advisory Services from India) and we currently have a "vacancy" in the team.

Customer quote
“Triple Value has a rather unique track-record in the area of sustainable entrepreneurship ánd banking. Thus this team is uniquely positioned to service a financial institution such as ours. They succeeded in adding “stretch” to our strategy, while simultaneously keeping our feet firmly on the ground.”