Our vision is that sustainability represents a significant opportunity to outperform competition in mid and long term profitable growth. The transition towards sustainable growth is driven by global megatrends:

  • Further economic growth in emerging markets: population growth: 8-9 billion people in 2050, dominance of BRIC countries by 2030.
  • Increased scarcity of natural resources: Ecological footprint continues to exceed regenerative capacity of eco-systems.
  • Increasing poverty gap: four billion people at the ‘base of the pyramid’ (income from $ 1 – 9/ day) are largely excluded from the benefits of globalisation.


Our mission is to help companies leverage sustainability as a business driver. We have a 20 year track record of helping leading companies in strategy development and change management regarding:

  • decision making at exexutive board and management team level (based on thorough assessment of strategic relevance and urgency of sustainability challenges
  • creating a compelling vision and strategy, preferably co-created with a dedicated sustainability leadership team
  • creating distinctive sustainability inclusive value propositions that win in the market
  • design of execution plans
  • supporting our client's organization in creating first wins